Personalize Your Handset With Cell Phone Graphics Graphic Multimedia

The best way to give your handset a personalized look is to fill it with cell phone graphics that reflect your taste and over all personality.

Having a unique wallpaper or screensaver on your mobile phone sets it apart from the other handsets.

Wallpaper is the picture that appears on the background of the phone’s display screen and is usually something that is pleasing to the eye. Screensaver is the picture that appears on the phone screen when it sits idle for a certain period of time.

What are commonly used cell phone graphics?

Most commonly used are the pictures of spouse, children or other family members. Younger owners also use pictures of famous celebrities or animation graphics of their favorite TV shows. Do all cell phones come with the ability to use wallpapers?

Almost all new cell phone models today come with wallpaper capabilities and even have stock wallpaper choices. However, owners can always download new images in case they get bored with the ones already available on their handsets.

Phones with internet access allow owners to download wallpapers via a wireless connection to the net, using multimedia messaging service (MMS) or through e-mails. How do you download phone wallpapers?

Look for a wallpaper you want and then connect to the internet using the cellular phone. Order the wallpaper, it may or may not be for free, and wait for a message on the phone containing the wallpaper image. You can then view and save this image on the phone. If this process does not work, the phone might not be compatible with the picture downloaded.

If you have a camera phone, taking pictures with it and using the images as your cell phone graphics is also an alternative.